Thursday, 17 May 2012

Hello World

After many years of lurking on this new-fangled inter-web thingy, I've finally been shamed into doing what I've always promised to do by my wife, who has delighted in showing me just how easy it is to start up a blog.

I've been a SQL Server DBA now for 16 years (14 in the commercial world and 2 in the RAF), preceded by 2 years developing a Turbo Pascal performance calculator for the Harrier (AV8B) aircraft which ran under DOS6.  Prior to that, I was fairly active in the hobby computing world (Sinclair ZX80, C64, Amiga).  I was even involved in the computer club in school 34 years ago - using a Research Machines 380Z mini computer with teletype input and cassette and paper tape storage (a fact that I'm still sure helped me to get a job with its manufacturer 20 years later).  Computers are really my second career, with Avionics/Electronics being my first.

Over the years, I've attended many courses and US-based conferences and met lots of very interesting and helpful people, many of whom are still very active in the SQL Server community.  I have learned all I know from the community and it's now time to hopefully pay it forward.

As I have progressed through my career, I've been diligent in keeping track of most of the lessons learned, usually by retaining generic examples of techniques used, but also by augmenting these with tricks and tips picked up from the community.  Unfortunately, this diligence didn't often extend to keeping track of the ultimate source of some of the material.  When I started collecting this information, the concept of blogs didn't exist.

I still intend to collate and list as much as I can over the coming months, and will credit the author where possible.  In no way do I intend to claim credit for the work of others and I will quite happily list credit if someone can identify their code.

Please bear with me, as progress will undoubtedly be slow to start with.
I'm intending to start with smaller parts of my code library, but once I get into the flow, I'd hope to cover some of the projects I've worked on, concentrating more on the methodology and design patterns utilised or discovered along the way

However, if anyone has any requests on what subjects to cover first, just let me know at


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